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Namier Capital

Namier Capital is a digital first London-based corporate advisory firm which was established to bridge the gap between high-growth companies and capital markets.


There are some skills that might prove useful for your employees, but that you can’t justify developing your own content for. Instead, you can fund your learners’ journey through an existing course on Curious, one of the most popular online stores for learning content. You could even give your learners an extra incentive by rewarding them with their own training budget, letting them seek out the training that matters most to them.

Scuba Dive Log by Zentacle

Zentacle is an intuitive dive log app that lets divers discover dive sites and plan dive travel based on user reviews.
The app creates dive logs automatically by syncing with your dive computer via Bluetooth. You can also share your underwater photos and videos with the Zentacle community. The app is compatible with most dive computers available in the market. All you need to do is to download the Zentacle app on your mobile device.

SHARPZ – Stick Your Neck Out

We devised the most comprehensive and interactive system of beting, financial management, statistics issuing and a blog, in accordance with modern design threads.


The company went on a quest to discover what would create the most value for your pets. By understanding the intricacies of pets, their preferences, requirements, and some of the ever-changing nuances affecting their everyday life – Fizgig® was born.