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We’re a diverse group of designers, strategists, engineers and wordsmiths who make things people love to use. ! We help the world’s most progressive brands solve problems, seize opportunities and generate growth.

About our work

ALMAX Design Agency is a team of talented designers and product managers who are not starting but are continuing to build there’s legacy of successfully completed projects, over 388 projects to be exact.

Max D. - CEO & Founder

How we add value to your business

Increase your conversion rates

A well though out and tested UX can take your product a long way. No more users dropping off in 7 seconds because of frustration. No more need to lie about how your app “worked just fine before I showed it to you”

Make your product look modern and up to date

Trends come and go — but your design should always stay looking fresh! Let us create a trustworthy up to date design for your digital product

Provide fact based alternatives and A/B testing

Having a working product is awesome. But constantly improving and existing product is even better. Need a new feature set? Need a fresh look from the side? We can help!

Create a clickable MVP for funding pitches

Starting a new product is hard and funding is necessary 90% of the time.But in order to get — just having an idea is not enough… Let us bring your vision to life without and development cost

Our services

Mobile App

We can create a custom mobile app design for your business in order give your clients the best user experience possible as well as eye-pleasing visuals.

Web App

We can create a custom web app design for your business in order give your clients the best user experience possible as well as eye-pleasing visuals.


We can create a custom website design for your business in order give your clients the best user experience possible as well as eye-pleasing visuals.

UI / UX Audit

Wondering what's wrong with your platform/app (why users are no staying longer and conversion rates are low)? We will be happy to answer these questions by taking a close look at your design and highlighting the main pinpoints as well as providing solutions.

Landing Page

We can create a custom landing page design for your business in order give your clients the best user experience possible as well as eye-pleasing visuals.

Our values

As ALMAX we base our work on these three principles:


We make your design pop and stand out from your competitors. We don’t compromise work — we make things happen!


We strive to create an anxiety free space not only for our customers, but also for our employees.


A traditional Japanese exclamation meaning “ten thousand years” of long life. To be short and sweet — we make your results last.

Our team

Max D.

One of the Founders of ALMAX Design Agency who built his career by going through every position available at a design agency. This way Max understood the insides of how to run a business properly and was able to go off on his own in order to build a higher quality service.

Founder & CEO
Alex K.

Alex is a UI/UX designer himself who through his network and previous business understanding helped built ALMAX into what you see it as today.

Founder & CEO

Max D.

Alex K.

Diana K.

Head of Management Department

Mary L.

Project Manager

Anthony B.

Project Manager

Alina K.

Project Manager

Anastasiya O.

Project Manager

Kristina S.

Project Manager

Polina A.

Project Manager

Julia V.

Project Manager

Pavel G.

Half man half amazing – that’s what we call Pavel behind closed doors.

He (as ALMAX’s art director) will make sure that the designs we create for you will:
📌 Increase your conversion rate
📌 Be pixel-perfect (no screwed-up lines and off-grid elements)
📌 Only include the latest trends that make sense for your business
📌 Be development ready so that you don’t have to go back and forth between two teams numerous times

Art Director

Ivan S.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Alex M.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Klim Y.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Denis K.

UI/UX Designer

Kate D.

UI/UX Designer

Oleg Z.

UI/UX Designer

Alexandra B.

UI/UX Designer

Marina K.

UI/UX Designer

Olga V.

UI/UX Designer

Our projects


For content creators who want to get gifts from fans, followers, and subscribers without disclosing their shipping address, LuxyList is the world’s only dedicated fan gifting platform that lets creators list anything from anywhere and guarantees privacy through advanced data security measures.

Namier Capital

Namier Capital is a digital first London-based corporate advisory firm which was established to bridge the gap between high-growth companies and capital markets.

Scuba Dive Log by Zentacle

Zentacle is an intuitive dive log app that lets divers discover dive sites and plan dive travel based on user reviews.
The app creates dive logs automatically by syncing with your dive computer via Bluetooth. You can also share your underwater photos and videos with the Zentacle community. The app is compatible with most dive computers available in the market. All you need to do is to download the Zentacle app on your mobile device.

SHARPZ – Stick Your Neck Out

We devised the most comprehensive and interactive system of beting, financial management, statistics issuing and a blog, in accordance with modern design threads.


There are some skills that might prove useful for your employees, but that you can’t justify developing your own content for. Instead, you can fund your learners’ journey through an existing course on Curious, one of the most popular online stores for learning content. You could even give your learners an extra incentive by rewarding them with their own training budget, letting them seek out the training that matters most to them.

Wound Trek

This companies full service wound care strategy has added enormous value to long-term facilities across the country by providing an array of essential tools including: Digital Wound Management, Advanced EHR System, Mobile Vascular Assessment, Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing,


AFA Exchange is an investment company specialising in cryptocurrencies and developing applications for financial markets. In short, they give advice on buying crypto.


The company went on a quest to discover what would create the most value for your pets. By understanding the intricacies of pets, their preferences, requirements, and some of the ever-changing nuances affecting their everyday life – Fizgig® was born.

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    Max D.
    Founder / CEO
    Alex K.
    Founder / CEO
    Diana K.
    Head of Project Management Department

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    ALMAX is a strategically driven, digital-first agency that lives at the intersection of creativity and technology. We solve consumer and business problems with end-to-end solutions that flex to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing digital landscape.